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Montnets Group advances towards big health industry to foster four-industry integration



On July 5, 2020, disposable medical face masks and N95 masks saw their final stage of trial production in the modern workshops of Liaoning Montnets Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Montnets Group, a listed company, has made every effort to vigorously advance towards big health industry by following national industrial policies. Montnets has filled the gap of medical device supply chain and fostered four-industry integration, pushing Anshan towards comprehensive and all-round revitalization.


Headquartered in Anshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Montnets Group is a leading enterprise in the internet industry of China. In April this year, Montnets started to engage in the big health industry under the correct guidance and vigorous support of the Anshan Municipal Party Committee and the Anshan Municipal People’s Government. By investing 100 million yuan (RMB) the Group established Liaoning Montnets Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a modern production enterprise that integrates research, production and sales into one. Liaoning Montnets mainly produces melt spray cloth, disposable medical face masks, surgical masks and medical devices, etc.


From project application, approval and establishment to equipment procurement, product R&D and trial production, Liaoning Montnets Medical showcased the “amazing efficiency and speed of Anshan”. The High-tech Zone Administration, the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau, the Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and other departments have opened up a “green channel” for handling company registration, factory site selection, enterprise qualification application and other matters. Supported by the matchmaking efforts of Anshan Municipal Party Committee, Liaoning Montnets Medical has boosted its further development with a strategic cooperation agreement formally signed between Liaoning Montnets Medical and Liaoning Provincial Inspection and Testing Certification Center, which means that products of Liaoning Montnets Medical will be given priority in inspection and testing according to the corresponding national and international standards, and one-stop personalized high-quality services such as evaluation, certification, training and consultation will be provided.


To eliminate worries that may arise during development, Liaoning Montnets Medical has preliminarily grown into a dominant enterprise with great potential. Its melt-blown cloth production line project has been officially established. It is estimated that the annual output of the two production lines in the first phase will reach 360 tons. Disposable medical masks and N95 masks, mainly for export, are also about to reach production capacity, with a daily output of 3 million pieces. A closed-loop system from innovation chain to industrial chain will be completed with the company's research and development and production of series of medical devices.


In the overall planning of Anshan, the Liaoning Montnets Medical in the eastern urban area and the Northern International Health City in the western urban area will develop together, therefore accelerate the formation of a large health industry cluster.