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Montnets Health launches-the new products of Shangong Medical Mask and Sphygmomanometer are launched!


    Monternet Group [Stock Code: 002123] Monternet Health launched a new product. The first truly medical-grade facial mask in China was launched in Shenzhen. Famous beauty artists and medical experts from all over the world witnessed this grand event.

Monternet Health often has amazing feats in the medical product industry. It has launched self-developed medical products and anti-epidemic materials in the early stage. In 2020, it will invest 80 million yuan to establish a medical mask production factory. The scale of the factory ranks among the top five in China, and the production standards have reached the international level. Recently, high-value and effective medical-grade facial masks and word-of-mouth sphygmomanometer products have been launched, which will undoubtedly bring a share to the current peak season of the medical beauty market. Consumer trends.

It is understood that the Monternet Health "Shan Gong" brand series-medical facial mask products, not only use expensive materials-medical sodium hyaluronate, but also have a fashionable design. Its greatest characteristic lies in its inherent quality. It adopts a number of international patented technology components, and the effect of clinical trials in tertiary hospitals is very good. This is undoubtedly the core value of this medical facial mask, because people are more concerned about the efficacy and safety of beauty skin care products, and it would be a more rational choice instead of using inferior skin care products.

While launching new products on the market, Montnets Health also advocates concepts that have attracted the attention of many people. It has been actively advocating truth, goodness, beauty, and focusing on making solid and good products. With the help of new product launches, it is hoped that a return to essence and humanistic care will be incorporated into the current consumer trend of medical beauty products.