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New product-Disposable face mask(Cool type)

Disposable face mask(Cool type)is flat mask(BFE≥98%,PFE≥95%),which can effectively protect) the wearer from dust, pollen, particulate matter and block nasal or oral exhaled pollutants. Suitable for medical protective use and personal prevention in polluted environments.

  • Montnets Group advances towards big health industry to foster four-industry integration

    On July 5, 2020, disposable medical face masks and N95 masks saw their final stage of trial production in the modern workshops of Liaoning Montnets Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Montnets Group, a listed company, has made every effort to vigorously advance towards big health industry by following national industrial policies. Montnets has filled the gap of medical device supply chain and fostered four-industry integration, pushing Anshan towards comprehensive and all-round revitalization.

  • WHO recommends how we choose mask to against COVID - 19

    Medical masks (also known as surgical masks): these are made from a minimum of three layers of synthetic nonwoven materials, and configured to have filtration layers sandwiched in the middle. These masks are available in different thicknesses, have various levels of fluid-resistance and two levels of filtration. These medical masks reduce the respiratory droplets from the wearer to others and to the environment. They also prevent transmission of the virus from others to the wearer.